November 12, 2020


Greg Larson

Designer, Pacific Northwest Native, Ball Scratcher at the Larson Design Co

Business is slow. You can’t keep customers interested to save your life and you don’t know what the hell to do about it. Sound familiar? It might be time for a rebrand. I know, I know. “Rebrand” is just a fancy word for a new company logo. Why the hell would you spend your hard-earned cheddar on a new logo that isn’t even going to drive sales?


Think again. Now I’m not telling you to go spend thousands on a top design agency if that’s not what your company needs. What I am telling you to do is to figure out what’s wrong. Look for the signs that tell you it’s time for a fresh brand. Before we get into it, let’s figure out what the difference between a logo and a brand is, or else you could get caught in the same shit storm you’re in now.

A logo is the face of the company. Your logo isn’t your brand, it’s a piece in your brand. While a good logo is important, it means nothing without a solid brand to go with it. You can’t put syrup on shit and call it pancakes.

A brand is your company as a whole. This includes a logo, colors, fonts, what brand of TP the executives wipe their ass with, etc. It also includes all that intangible shit you won’t understand if you don’t do your homework; things like how your brand makes people feel, what your brand sounds like, and what style your brand has. Think of your brand like a person trying to get customers to be its friend.

By this point, you’re probably already on another page googling how to build a brand. Stick with me here, we still have to figure out if a rebrand is the right thing or if your business just sucks. Let’s go over some of the signs that it’s time…


You’ve outgrown your brand

If you’re part of the club that went the DIY route on your logo and packaging, hats off to you. Some of the chumps I went to college with couldn’t even stick with the program after we got our first logo design project! Now you probably haven’t run into many problems with your logo you made yourself, but when you start to grow, you’ll have trouble keeping brand loyalty because customers will realize there is no brand to be loyal to. Think about a company like Apple. While you may not be selling next generation tech like they do, we can all take advice from them. There is an instantly recognizable feeling you get when you walk into an apple store or use an Apple product. Its high end and futuristic. Like Apple, you should match the quality of your branding to the quality of the company itself.

...match the quality of your branding

to the quality of the company itself.

You aren’t memorable

How is an excited customer supposed to go tell his buddy about your company if he can’t even remember what makes you special? People talk to people about cool experiences and awesome shit your company does! Find what makes you special and highlight the shit out of it! A memorable story goes a long way. Did you know the Toms brand gives a pair of shoes for every pair they sell? Of course you did! Because they built their brand around that story. Don’t hide what makes you different from your competitors. You’re never going to be the best, so you need to be the most different. Give customers something to talk about! A brand reflects a company’s beliefs and ideas, so the second you try to mimic another brand, you no longer exemplify the beliefs that belong to your company. Be different. Write your story (literally, get a pen and write it down), and unapologetically share it with the world.


You don’t know how to rebrand

By this point, you may have realized it’s time to rebrand. Or maybe you already knew your branding f*cking sucks and that’s why you’re still reading. What the hell is next? If you have a DIY logo, you know that there are tons of cheap and free resources to design a logo. If you think Fivver is a good call, by all means, throw $20 away on a design you’re not going to love. The old mantra “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. You can’t expect to get $20 million results with a $20 logo because again, syrup on shit doesn’t make it pancakes! If you’re looking for a lasting brand that’s going to drive more sales and make you proud, look past your nephew who happens to have Photoshop downloaded on his computer. Get a professional opinion! Hell, my contact info is on the site.

The main reason to rebrand is to align business goals and values with your visual representation of the company.

The main reason to rebrand is to align business goals and values with your visual representation of the company. With a weak and inconsistent brand, you’ll lose that customer loyalty you’ve been working so hard to build.


Don’t be a bitch. Grab your company by the balls and do what you need to do to kick your company’s ass in the right direction! If you’re still confused or don’t want to go through the rebranding process yourself (again…), shoot me an email. Let’s make some pancakes.

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